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'Какая страна, такие и герои' С. Медведев' / A country has the heroes it deserves', S. Medvedev.

Writer and scholar Sergei Medvedev recorded this short clip for Radio Svoboda

(translation below).

'In Russia, there are now new heroes. In the city of Serov, in the Urals, there was a ceremonial burial for a certain Sergei Molodtsov, who died while fighting in Ukraine with the ‘Wagner Group.’

A memorial plaque was erected for him, a guard of honour presided over the funeral, and in the school they created a hero’s desk. The local administration said Molodstov had a ‘creative nature’ and was an ‘easy-going guy’. Yet somehow, they forgot to mention that Molodstov left for the front from prison. There he was serving an 11-year sentence for beating to death and breaking the bones of, his own invalid mother. So, if you think about it, Molodstov really is a real hero for contemporary Russia. A country that legalises crimes across the territory of Ukraine. A country with legalised corruption. A country ruled by military criminals. A country has the heroes it deserves."

Today the US Treasury Sanctioned Russian Proxy Wagner Group as a Transnational Criminal Organization. Follow this link for more information.


"В России новые герои. В городе Серове на Урале с почестями похоронили некоего Сергея Молодцова, который погиб воюю в Украине в составе ЧВК Вагнера. Ему установили памятную доску, поставили почётный караул, в школе поставили парту героя. В местной администрации назвали его творческой натурой и рубахой-парнем. Они забыли упомянуть, что на фронт Молодцов уехал из колонии, где сидел 11-летний срок за то, что забил до смерти собственную мать инвалида, переломав ей множество костей". Реплика Сергея Медведева

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